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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

who's the savior of the world?



In response to this question, most Christians would answer, Jesus. If that is the case, why does Jesus need my help or your help to bring salvation to anyone? Am I or are you somehow co-saviors of the world, the vital link between God and man in making God’s salvation in Christ effective?


This is a critical question, one that demands an answer from the evangelical community. If Jesus cannot or will not save the world on his own, without the help of man, then he is not The Savior, he is merely a possible factor in salvation. This issue is just one more example of how orthodox, evangelical Christianity teaches a doctrine of incomprehensible contradiction. No matter how many incontrovertible ‘proof texts” we find to support the notion that reconciliation between God and man only comes about through man’s preaching, it still doesn’t make any sense and belittles the sacrifice of Christ.


What should we do? Throw out the Bible? Better we should throw out orthodoxy’s misrepresentation of the Bible and begin to question everything we have been taught.