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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Why do you believe?



All of us have belief systems, systems which guide how we think, perceive, and behave. All such belief systems, religious or otherwise, are based on assumptions about what is absolutely true. The issue I’d like to consider today is why we believe what we have chosen to believe.


Why do I believe?


Because I must or else

Because that’s how I was raised

Because it is normal

Because the evidence is clear

Because it is expected

Because it feels right

Because the preacher said to

Because it is good for me

Because it inspires me

Because it transforms me

Because it gives me new insight

Just because  


Most of these possible reasons underlie all of our belief systems. By recognizing why we believe, we position ourselves better to evaluate and refine our beliefs as part of a much needed maturing process. Unchallenged beliefs create stagnation in individuals and societies. The absolute truth which most of us perceive as being the basis for our personal beliefs is an illusion, and illusions don’t often foster positive development.