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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

why is god upset?


A God who is always in control has no reason to be upset by what happens. If He orchestrates, then the outcome must be pleasing. How could it be otherwise? An upset, angry God, on the other hand, clearly places blame and responsibility on someone outside Himself, whose will confounds His own.

How does an omnipotent God who has foreknowledge of everything get angry about the outcome of human history? The flimsy argument that God allows the operation of free will in opposition to His own in order to gain a meaningful relationship with a few is emphatically contradicted by the eternal punishment for all those who fail to conform. Love that is demanded on penalty of Hellfire is a coerced love and cannot be said to be freely given and thereby form the basis for a valid relationship. The use of threats makes a mockery of the very rationale put forth in explaining why God allows man's will to trump His own. If God allows man to choose and that choice is significantly influenced by life circumstances, the entire process of salvation becomes a sort of grand roulette wheel where blind chance is more important than anything else.

If God is really upset with us, it probably is because we so readily believe such a distorted picture of Him and His love and grace.