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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

will worship


One thing is crystal clear in Christian Theology. God desires and even requires that men praise and worship Him above all else. Thus we have the heavy emphasis on church attendance for the purpose of praise and worship.

Any concerns for proper human relationships in accordance with the Greatest Commandment of Jesus pale in comparison to the individual’s responsibility to worship God in direct acts of praise and subservience. The individual’s relationship with God is a direct function of how well that person performs in maintaining God’s attention and goodwill.

One would assume from all this that the reason for Creation was to provide the human supplicants who would then meet God’s need in this regard. Supposedly, forced worship would not be sincere, so God has allowed free will so as to insure that worshippers do so because of a conscious desire to please Him. Of course, all the biblical stories about an angry, wrathful God blow that logic right out of the water. God may want willing worshippers but the unwilling will not escape dire consequences of exercising free will improperly.

For some folks the very idea of a needy God is a sacrilege. How could the Creator of Heaven and Earth require something for His benefit which only I can provide. How could an omnipotent deity threaten me personally over something as vainglorious as failing to worship Him or doing so improperly. What kind of egomania is that? Can anyone truly and unreservedly embrace this picture of God? Could such a God ever lead mankind out of the wilderness of sin and suffering?

The Apostle Paul put the whole business of “will worship” to rest in Acts 17 when he said emphatically that God has no need of anything. He is all sufficient and embraces every last human as His child. Whatever our purpose here on earth is, it definitely is not to provide something which God lacks but requires of us. Nor is it to gain the status of Child of God.