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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

tree of wisdom or tree of fear?



The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the book of Genesis can operate in two ways on the human mental state. It can impart wisdom, and it can instill fear. The wisdom comes when I use the acquired knowledge to govern my own life and behavior. Fear results when I make a judgment about another person, label them as evil, and therefore consider them a threat.


Whenever we debate some aspect of personal or national security this fear/wisdom dualism is evident.. One side inevitably views the issue as resulting from overblown fearfulness. The other side invariably defines it instead as pragmatic wisdom.


One man’s extremism is another man’s pragmatism. This conflict is a direct result of the sense of good and evil, right and wrong, smart and stupid, patriotic and unpatriotic etcetera, etcetera. Maybe we will someday see just how devastating our inherited penchant to judge and condemn one another is and then perhaps finally understand why God said don’t eat lest you die.