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withholding salvation



A thought provoking aspect of conventional Christian theology is the idea that only through the propagation of “Christianity” can others be made acceptable to God. This means that by implication the church and its “Christian” followers have within their power the ability to grant or withhold eternal blessing for others. It is hard to deny that because of benign neglect or the enormity of the uninitiated population, the church has resorted to rationing out the “message of salvation”.


One must ask why God would place into the hands of men the ability to influence the eternal destiny of their fellowmen in this way. If He thought that men, enlightened by their own response to the “Great Commission,” would selflessly pursue the salvation of the rest of humanity, He was sadly mistaken. No period of human history since Christ demonstrates any real enthusiasm for saving the masses. There was always the excuse that many were too remote and too evil to be reached.


Even today, if we subconsciously dismiss the possibility of salvation for some with which we interface directly, it can always be justified by reasoning that they are incorrigible sinners anyway.  In this way the “Christian” becomes the ultimate arbiter of the spiritual destiny of others. Why would an omniscient God grant such power to any human?  Is there any wonder that “Non-Christians” and non-believers react with even violent opposition to this doctrine. It would be remarkable if they did not.


No amount of reference to biblical proof texts can ever overcome the obvious fact that this theological understanding is grotesque in implication and in practice. “Christians” can continue to support what is patently indefensible in their theology or they can honestly seek a new understanding which honors God and the Bible. Such an understanding is possible but not by denying the obvious.