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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

worthless in the eyes of god



You don’t have to listen to many sermons before you realize that the church does not hold mankind in very high esteem. Basically they teach two categories of human beings, the totally worthless and the marginally acceptable. Given that theology it is easy to understand why church folks are the “law and order” advocates of all times. It is also little wonder if people who visualize others in this way are cynical, paranoid, and highly judgmental.


Ironically, the church claims to exert a positive influence in the world while teaching a doctrine that denies the value and identity of the humanity which comprises that world. If a very few barely escape God’s wrath and the vast majority are destined to be less than worthless in the eyes of God for all eternity, then this world is a wretched place despite the church. Instead of engaging that wretched world, it is best to avoid it, shun those in it, and hunker down in the self-righteousness of the church to maintain a chance of being found worthy in the end.


The simple question is this: Is God in control or isn’t He? Some seem to think God is in control except when Satan is. Well, for my part, God is either in control or He isn’t. There is no possibility of Him sharing control with anyone or anything. Did God create man perfectly and in His image or not? How then did man become so worthless that God would treat him worse than a dog? Who or what is capable of subverting the plan and purpose of God and turn the perfect creation into the less than worthless world of today, one destined for total destruction and endless torment? Paul answered that one in Romans 8:37-39. No one and nothing.