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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Wrong for how long?


When people are taught aspects of God’s supposed nature or plan for mankind which do not seem reasonable or appropriate to them, many apparently rationalize a mental solution which incorporates one or both of two concepts of reality. One is that God is so powerful that He gets to do as He pleases without regard to man’s opinion or ethical misgivings, so we dare not question Him. The second is that the ways of God are so mysterious that man has no hope of ever comprehending how He operates, so it is a wasted effort to try.

There are, of course, other alternative explanations. One is that we have been taught wrong, wrong so long, that we have ceased to even consider how wrong we could be. It should be obvious why this third possibility gains little traction within institutional religion. A “this is the way it is, take it or suffer the consequences” dogma allows no room for further discussion; so, if questions cannot be avoided all together, they must be suppressed quickly and even ruthlessly. Too much is at stake to allow the door of reason to be opened.