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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

ye are gods


In John 10:34 Jesus addressed the Jewish leaders and quoted Psalms 82: 6 which reads “Ye are gods”. In the context of that Psalm and in light of other passages like II Chronicles 19:6 we understand that the gods referred to in John and Psalms are the Jewish religious leaders. They were empowered to administer life and death under the Mosaic law, making them gods.

This idea that Jewish religious leaders were gods has greatly influenced Christianity through the centuries. From early church father, to popes, priests, monks, preachers, evangelists, and reformers- countless men have been identified as specially gifted and anointed by God to guide and direct the church. This elevation to godlike status amounts to a form of idolatry. It promotes all manner of cult like loyalties to fallible men and their  agendas. Since we recognize that power corrupts the human mind and heart, we should know that men treated like gods will reward our adoration by abusing us.

We should be very wary of projecting godlike honor on men. We are all children of the Most High according to Paul, and that common identity means equality. Equals do not worship each other.