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you do the math



Those familiar with algebra will recognize that the algebraic equation,  a  +  b  =  a,  is valid if and only if  b =  0. Whatever "a" may represent, the expression  "a"  plus  "b" (the combination of "a" and something else besides "a") cannot still be just "a", unless whatever  "b" signifies is zero or nothing.


Thus, if we apply the rules of algebra to the Bible, we notice an obvious problem. When the church claims that the Bible plus church instruction in the Bible results in  a sustained divine revelation, we are faced with a logical impossibility. If we have a mixture resulting from divine revelation and anything else, the result is no longer just divine revelation. Therefore the Bible plus human translation is not strictly divine. The Bible with seminary training is not divine. The revelation plus canonization is no longer divine. The Bible with the addition of any human interpretation, instruction, or presentation cannot be infallible, inerrant, or divine because it has been influenced by too many fallible human operations.


A  +  B    A.


The logical conclusion would be that if anyone is to receive and know a divine revelation, they must get it directly from God, without any intermediate human involvement. We know that method of communication is possible, because the Bible says so, Hebrews 8: 10-12.


When some people wanted to dilute the state algebra requirements, a number of educators objected, saying that algebra enhances critical thinking skills We might wonder whether critical thinking is too challenging to conventional wisdom, both religiously and politically.