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you have to wonder



You may have noticed, but its worth reiterating. According to tradition, the Apostle Paul wrote over half the books in the New Testament and was the main character in one more. Christ, on the other hand, wrote not one words of the New Testament and even in the Gospels most of the words don't represent the actual words of Jesus, only the red letter ones.


Jesus dwelled on the subject of the kingdom and clearly stated that he came exclusively to the Jews. Paul, however, was focused on the church and spread the theology of the church to Jew and Gentile alike.


Given this evidence, one might realistically wonder why the religion of the church, supposedly rooted in the New Testament, is even called Christianity. It is certainly based more on Paul than Christ. Jesus lived on earth for 33 years, as God Himself, but afterward Paul, a mere human being, had to provide most of the words which guide the church


To make matters more stark, consider how often the words of Paul are given superior weight in clarifying what Jesus himself said. The red letter verses may be more significant to some, but, in defending the church's doctrines, few would hesitate to call on Paul to help modify Jesus. Words which filtered through the mind of a ghost writer are somehow more apt than the recorded words of the Son of God.


One can hardly argue with the fact that the church today treats every word in the Bible as equal, whether they supposedly represent God speaking through men or God is speaking directly, as in the case of Jesus. I see no plausible reason why Jesus would not deliver all necessary truth while here on earth. Why go back to the pre-Christ reliance on flawed human beings as the conduit for more essential revelation?


The church will have their verse of explanation, maybe even a red letter one.  However, that can't stop a wondering mind from questioning the exceedingly strange way divine truth is disseminated to those whose eternal destiny depends on it. You'd think God was trying to hide rather than reveal.