Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

your is not the voice of god



Despite their apparent feelings to the contrary, those who are fond of quoting scripture as a way to condemn and convert others to their doctrine do not really represent the voice of God. Whatever passage may be used by them also involves their personal interpretation thereof, so it never stands alone, separate and apart from their own theological biases. 


There is an inherent arrogance in taking upon oneself the right to be the spiritual judge and instructor of others. This fact is overlooked and/or minimized by the religiously zealous because the church projects such as God’s way and method, making arrogance a virtue.  When others reject the messages proposed by these self appointed instructors, it is not a matter of sinful obstinacy as often claimed by the church but because people just rightly recoil from behavior which seems just a little too self promoting. In a non-religious setting, such behavior would never be attempted nor tolerated by these same religious people. Common courtesy and socially accepted norms would not allow it.