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zionism- a plague on all our houses



Zionism is the belief in a Jewish right to own the so called Holy Land and to establish a Jewish national state there. Zionism has a longstanding history but was ultimately thrust on to the world’s collective consciousness after WW II and the Holocaust.


Three great world religions are each intimately caught up in the longstanding struggle resulting from the establishment of the nation of Israel. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity alike claim a special stake in the ownership and administration of this oft contested piece of geography.


Since the 1948 creation of a the Jewish national state, carved out of the then existing Arab Palestine, the primary focus of this region has been the resulting conflict between the Jewish Israelis and the displaced Arab Palestinians. This struggle has pitted Judaism against Islam in the minds of many observers. Each of these two religious groups proclaims a special mandate from God in connection with their particular right of ownership of this land.


In addition to the godly mandate, the Arab Palestinians point to their physical presence in the Holy Land extending back to before the Crusades. The Jews counter by claiming an even earlier possession of this land, going back before the Romans. Of course, other nations lived in this strategic area before even the Jews and Arabs, so primacy of claim cannot reasonably be established based on chronology.


The belief that ultimately fuels the bitter hatred between Jew and Palestinian is their respective feelings of religious superiority and their perceived mandate from God to claim the disputed geography and to oppose other claimants as enemies of God. It is this feeling of being special above other people that make men so ruthless in pursuit of their claims. Religious superiority is a subtle but deadly belief, and both sides in this conflict display it in abundance.


Somewhat on the sidelines to the actual struggle, sit the “Christian Zionists”, those who interpret their sacred text (Old and New Testaments) as supporting the Jewish claim to this area and denying the Arab rights. As in the case above, these Christians also claim a special status before God which, in their minds, may or may not exceed that of the Jews but most certainly is superior to that of the Muslims. Again religious superiority is a key issue. These “Christian Zionists” are almost exclusively Americans, and they continuously throw “coal on the fire” by extending monetary and diplomatic support to the Israelis, largely by exercising an inordinately strong influence on US foreign policy.


All parties involved in this religiously driven hate fest suffer enormously as a consequence. Both parties to the immediate warfare experience numerous casualties and live in a stressful state of continuous fear. Enormous sums of money and emotional energy are consumed on all sides to propagate the struggle and to defend against the “enemy”. On the world stage each side is alternately seen as victims or the ruthless agents in a genocidal effort. There is no glory, honor, or righteousness to be granted to either party in the eyes of most of the world.


For its part, “Christian Zionism” has greatly diminished the image of the US in the world community, because it makes a mockery of our democratic ideals by favoring religious fancy. Recent terrorist acts against this nation can be traced directly to US foreign policy which is so dominated by Jewish and Christian Zionist theology.  Though the US is not fighting in Palestine per se, we are involved in a war which directly results from our one-sided intervention in this area.


The unbiased observer would have to conclude that Zionism and its associated claim to religious superiority, both Jewish and “Christian”, has not been a blessing to either group. Muslims likewise have suffered greatly because when faced by the Zionist’s religious self-importance, they respond with their own brand of bigotry and intolerance. Like all religiously inspired wars, the struggle over Zionism is truly a plague on all our houses.